a monkey is identical to humans.

in life •  5 months ago

setiap matahari pergi, s'lalu saja terlihat saat kau berpaling dan berjalan meninggalkanku
aku ingin bertahan untuk orang yang kucintai
karena kupikir tak mungkin hanya sebatas ini cintaku

a monkey binatangini very easy to in practice a variety of attractions, for example main cirkus or climbing coconut that clear if you already in practice he can work, decent people working on sisilain the origin of the human derived from the monkeys and monkeys derived from human so have a relation between man and monkeys (Gen) gen- Gene existing ditalam human blood or monkey no resemblance .

terlepas from it all monkey is preferable many people because of the nature and peranginya which is similar to the human my own happy, let alone can invite berkalaborasi aka main, binatangi I funny love it if we note behavior and style that almost the same with human behavior

that's a handful of stories: nature, nature, behavior, and characterization, which nearly resemble the behavior of the human...

just so first in another chance we can tell you about the story of the other again sorry colleagues steemit all if there is said that less mengenakkan sorry once again I say Amen.

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