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in life •  2 months ago

I visit hospital where these lovely leaves are found and seems very interesting. I also captured a focus image to make the picture clear. The purple flower was also there and spreading beauty all around the surrounding.



20180803_115959 (1).jpg


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Hey do you have discord account ??

Thank you sir for giving us such an amazing green leafy plant. Capture more pictures and made us enjoy and your pink flowers are also beautiful... Love GREENY and flowers

Postingan yang sangat bagus @introvert-dime, saya Ingin membagikan postingan anda

There is no end to the beauty of nature. God has given us so much. Photography has been very nice. I appreciate it.

wow are they growing somewhere near there?

very nice leaves! And the Flower is awesome! :) Being a gardener, I love looking at the different leaves on my fruit trees.