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in life •  3 months ago

We saw so many flowers around us and most of times we are in hurry so we can't notice the natural beauty present around us in the environment. Same thing happened many times with me. 2 days ago I went from hospital and waiting outside for the taxi. Suddenly I saw flowers which grow at the corner of the car parking. These flower really amazed me. I mean what a colorful and shaded beauty in it. Taxi arrived soon so that I unfortunately click few pictures of them. One of them is just below the words. This pinkish beauty speaks itself and I think it doesn't need any more words for their explanation..




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That beautiful captured my friend,,, im not found that flower at my place, where place you shot it?

Very beautiful.... Pink flowers, red, orange, white and, indigo colour always attracted mostly, the beauty of flowers can't be ignored we would always appreciate their beauty. Nice capture.. and hope all ok with you, cox I read about hospital in the story above.

Thanks for share.

Beautiful photography

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They do really look stunning buddy :)