Does life suck for you today? You are letting it happen to you.... A single phone call can do wonders!

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In tough financial times, depression is easy. AVOID THAT - BY DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT -- WATCH THIS!


I had a bad day today

Started the day with checking my bank account balance

Next, I checked my cryptocurrency account balance

I then looked at coinmarketcap

I then looked at my steem earnings...

....yeah... the happy days of everything coming easy, going up, and up, are stalled at the moment.
If you have been in crypto for a long time, you've felt the wave of "happy times" where everyone is making money. You've also felt pullbacks, corrections, and just waited a few weeks, and things became "happy times" again.

Right now, crypto, the economy, and your life, the way you remember, might be in turmoil right now.


  • What does that mean?

  • How is a phone call going to fix anything?

OMG. The fact I need to even write this... and know someone will gain a benefit from reading this... makes this one of the pink elephants in the room.

It is true.



ABOUT 20 PEOPLE that we haven't talked to in the last few months...

....and we don't talk to them....

Unless we have super exciting news....

Or super dreadful news....

To prove that...

Ever get a phone call in the middle of the night, by a cousin, a relative you haven't talked to in such a long time, and they say "Just calling to let you know XYZ just died"

Or in the same way...

Ever get a phone call, unexpectedly by someone who says, "I am calling you to tell you XYZ has just been diagnosed with this...."

See? People seem to know "who to call", and "what to say" in times of severe trauma...

What doesn't happen is people knowing "who to call" and "what to say" in times of depression.

Depressed? Even slightly? Look at your phone. Study your contacts...

  • Who have you not talked to within the last month?


Not to tell them someone has died, or someone has been diagnosed with something.


You might be wondering right now "Why would I call them?"

Here is why I want to slap your daze back into existence...

Could it be?

  • They want to hear from you? They've been thinking about you too?

  • You genuinely haven't talked in a long time, and don't need a reason to know how they are doing?

  • Death and disease shouldn't bring people out of their shelters. Even time passed of not hearing from someone should...

OK @intelliguy -- I haven't heard from my cousin/friend/brother/relative/co-worker for a very long time. I'm going to call them now.... do what you said.... what may result?


You get a great conversation for "free". A smile on both your face, and theirs too.

...the only cost was....

You initiating the conversation. That's it.

...and after you hang up the phone... you both will walk away from a great experience.

The person you called will say "wow! I didn't even think they were thinking of me"

You will say "I'm surprised they were so happy to hear from me"

...and it is this exact disconnect in life - every single person on your street, in your neighborhood is guilty of... all of the time...

People -- while we are here to enjoy life... Go ahead, and use the phone system to call those people you haven't called in a long time. After all... what is the point of having contacts in your phone you never, or rarely, use?

I'm @intelliguy who runs @intelliwitness as a steem non-top50 witness node -- I write for my readers, and I witness for the steem blockchain itself. I can't go very far without your votes for my posts, or votes for my witness... the end of the day, it is YOU, who reads this... that decides how much of me, or how little of me you want to see.

Cheers friends!

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So very true Intelliguy. I find that sometimes, just the sound of an old friends voice can really pick me up. Not calling to dump on them but to just say "Hi, long time no talk. How have you been doing? I miss you"

Unless of course, like myself, you have only 4 contacts listed on your phone and one of those is the local cake shop!


Your honest thoughts and comments get an upvote.

Solution: get more contacts on your phone. :)


Hahaha, what's an introverted recluse to do?;)


At heart, when we admit it, most of the population is an introverted recluse.... really... they may show different, and portray different... but deep down inside, they only feel comfortable around their own surroundings. You are one the few that openly talk about what is happening to many.

You truly seem to embody what the steem platform is all about. Thank you so much for your work, you've earned a new follower and an upvote. I look forward to reading more from you :) This advice hits close to home for me


Your generic comment felt like a bot... until I checked. You seem to say what you really mean.

Have an upvote from me, and thanks for the follow.


Haha I'm starting out on this platform and I've gotten follows from a bunch of bots, rather annoying if I'm being totally honest. Thank you for noticing I do indeed have blood in my veins :)

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My dad called out of the blue when he was about 70. Don’t think I’d ever gotten a call from him. I was immediately sure that my mom had died. Nope, he just wanted to ask how I was doing.

Both lived about another 15 years. 😎

It is important sometimes to take the times to call someone when needed.

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Doing this is also a good way to tell who is loyal to you. The feeling is not always mutual when it comes to calling or calling someone back. I've noticed some people expect me to reach out to them on a more constant bases.

Yes, so true, we don't realise how quickly time passes, it's very easy to hold a grudge or too avoid people but before you know it, 10 years have passed and the reasons why seem so trivial compared to the 10 years of friendship that you can never regain. I have recently reconnected with loved ones and couldn't be happier with my decision to cross that bridge that I burned so long ago.

llamar a otros no es mi fuerte, hace más de un año solo llamo a mi madre , Maravilloso antidepresivo, Gracias por tu consejo, podría usar sms para empezar, quien sabe.

Glad you're still around, Intelliguy. I still enjoy your posts too. It's late tonight, but I'm gonna take your advice as soon as I can tomorrow. Might even start the call with "Hi, so someone just told me I should just go and call someone I haven't talked to in a long while. So...hmm...How are you today?"

Thanks again for your wonderful posts. :)