Do you know what it is like to receive? We all LOVE to receive. What about giving -- just READ IT

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This not a poor me, or poor them post. Like getting gifts? WELL NO MORE GIFTS FOR YOU -- unless you understand it.


There is a shortage of gift giving in the world

Just not at Christmas time, or Birthdays

The true spirit of gift giving is this...

  • It is not based on a holiday
  • Not because you are obligated to
  • Not for self-promotional reasons
  • Not to win points with the receiver of the gift.

The true spirit of gift giving is to offer someone, other than yourself, "something" without any expectation of payback later.

...and why do people do this... ?

Because it feels good to both the gift sender, and the gift receiver, and it is a surprise and unexpected event in life!

Tonight, I gave a gift to the spanish speaking community.

NB: I don't speak spanish. I am not spanish. I have very few spanish friends or family (but some)

Why did I do it?

For these reasons:

  • It is not based on a holiday
  • Not because I was obligated to
  • Not for self-promotional reasons
  • Not to win points with the receiver of the gift.

... I did it because it was the right time, the right situation, and I had it in my ability to do such a thing.

If I hold on to everything I own, everything I've earned, and keep it "just for me" -- all of the time, 100% of the time... that makes me feel greedy and selfish.

I don't want to be greedy or selfish.

Sharing the bit I've got (not everyday, but some days)... is like spreading the wealth, paying it forward, and not being part of the 1% problem.


I shared some of what little I had today, and I felt dynamite for doing it.

Now some of you are going to ask:

  • Ok, what did you share?
  • To who?
  • You did it to speak about what you did and get acknowledged for it right?

Here's where you will be wrong if you think that...

I did something... which I won't say.. or advertise...

...because what I did... is not the point.

What IS the point... is this...

Don't wait for Christmas.. Don't wait for Birthdays... Don't wait for ROI or reasons to give based on how how it can benefit you...

Surprise someone... for no apparent reason.. just give a gift, unexpected.

Both you, and the gift receiver will enjoy the experience, and it makes this rare event a little more common for that moment. Who knows.. maybe soon someone might surprise you with an unexpected gift too one day?


The world is a big ying/yang. It's united by positive and negative efforts and decisions.

Do something positive... and it might come back to you when you least expect it.

..and if it doesn't.. the minimum you know you did something that made you, and another person both smile, when you didn't have to do what you did...

Enjoy your next 24 hours... thanks for reading this post. :)

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That is absolutely right. Sometime, we are not always expected to receive anything in return after we gave something or helping someone. Altruistic giving or just honest helping to others when in need. I have often seen many people who did something good to others. Oneday he or she receives something good when he or she is less expected.Do good deed will receive good deed, bad receive bad.

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That's the spirit, not just giving but giving with no intention of getting a pay back in future.
One thing people refuse to understand is that there is joy from giving and that givers truly never lacks. Keep up the good work.

I liked the post. I will say many great posts.

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That interesting post, giving without waiting for something in return. I am involved in doing this on a daily basis, with my neighbor, with my friends, my children and my husband.
And at the end of the day God rewards me, so be it with the day-to-day fatigue.

of my instead if it was reciprocal: The biggest surprise, I was named saying that you read me, because today is my birthday, and really had time, that apart from a day more full of health, joy and love, I did not happen something special.

Thank you. I liked his two articles a lot.


Today was your birthday?

See how life works?

I came to know you... on your birthday. I live no where near you.

It was suppose to happen. We were suppose to meet today. 2 individual strong people working for the same reasons... it is just great.... :)


I am in total agreement, I have always applied that, what you sow that blind, and if you give if you expect anything in return will multiply in blessings, for me a pleasure to have met

I've now read three good-vibe, thought-provoking posts by you in the past few days @intelliguy. Thank you and I am very happy to gi(ft)ve you a witness vote :)