Cake & donut & dessert photos - gift and bride jackpot - (My girlfriend attended a bridal shower) #feedme

in life •  6 months ago

The groom is a lucky man. She is a super sweet girl, beautiful and nice. Very family oriented too. I've known the bride to be for probably 12 years; and this is longer than I've known my girlfriend. They eventually ended up working together at a bar, that I met my girlfriend at a long time ago.
Nice gift jackpot, huh?
I promised the food and dessert photos....Pretty unique and clever. Holy matrimony (as in donut holes) - hey it was a new idea to me - I was just there to provide ride services.
Never saw a "Barbie like" dessert with donut holes for a dress - but it works and the bride to be looks a Barbie.
They have a special love for donuts as you can see. :) (and each other)

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All these sweets made me hungry, haha! :D It’s ironic that you were the one who asked: “#feedme!”. LOL Enjoy your 20% upvote, while I’m off to buy some donuts! ;)

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And this is only the bridal shower. I can just imagine how done up the wedding will galore and all sorts of decoration. I don't even know hardly anything about the upcoming wedding itself. I hope to capture some good pictures there too.

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A very beautiful farewell, and more when it is done with a lot of love, you can see that everything was very well organized, the gifts look beautiful. and the pretty girlfriend


Yes agreed, nice gifts, well organized and a beautiful bride to be.

que rico se ve todo, los invitados deben quedar complacidos.

What a lovely celebration! Everything looks like so much fun🎀