(ENG) Maybe it's time to change something.

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Hello and today I wanted to tell you a little more about my life and my daily routine.

From the beginning I have to start from the fact that I do not come from a wealthier family and even in my childhood I was not able to get almost everything I wanted. If I wanted something then the motto of my parents was "Just work, hard work will give you what you want. Similarly, no one will give or buy anything for you." Yeah maybe it sounds a little harsh but remembering childhood today I even agree.

Also, my daily life consists mainly of work. Early in the morning at 6:00 I will get up. Already in 7:00 I am at work, the normal working day at the farm ended at 17:00, but when extra work happens, the working hours ended around 21:00 or even 0:00. When the long work day is over and I getting home sometimes at around 01:00 in night, all I want is to go to bed and again it all started again. But times when I get home faster I definitely have to write some post here because this platform is my hobby, my passion and could even say my second home. On Saturdays and Sundays I try to relax a bit as much as possible than living in a countryside house job is also a lot especially in the summer.

Here we come to the end part. I work, earning enough and I can't say I can't afford anything if I want to. I can, but maybe it's time to change something in my life? Try to find time more for myself, friends, family? With this job and the big hurry from one job to another, if I did not start to alienate from everyone? I do not know maybe I just have a bad mood today. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you.

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