Hour 11: Zombies among us?

in life •  7 months ago
    A few days ago I was in one of my usual and now obligatory walks from the bus terminal to my house. Although I have expressed before that I love to walk, this is an activity that has gone from being recreational to an obligation for many venezuelans due to problems we have with public transport, as a result of the economic crisis we are now going through. A strange thought hit me: Will I have to worry about the possible attack of a zombie?


    Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit, there isn’t a zombie outbreak here (although it seems like that), but when I’m walking through the streets of my city it seems like I’m in the middle of a post-apocalyptic scene. Although at times you can see groups of people walking like me out of necessity, after 5pm the picture changes a lot, with streets practically deserted, without pedestrians and with most businesses closed.


    The mobility problem I mentioned earlier is an important factor. The shortage of public transport has a direct effect on laborable hours, which is one of the reasons many businesses close earlier. Also, it isn’t safe to be at night in the streets because of the growing insecurity. But in general, we are less. Every day we are less due to the daily exodus of venezuelans out of the borders. I am sure that there is not a single family that has not seen one of its members depart to other lands.

    Another aspect that can be noticed at any time is the considerable decrease in vehicles. There isn’t much traffic these days. Partly because of the smaller population but also because of the high cost of maintaining a car in an economy like ours. So I should not worry about a zombie attack on my way home although there are certainly many real problems in my nation, and one of them lies in people.

     There is a level of conformism or even apathy among the inhabitants of Venezuela, it is like being a walking dead. In addition, corruption has spread rapidly like a virus to every level of our society and without distinguishing creed, race, social class or sex, most ordinary citizens seem to be infected. I have heard some people say that driven by need and survival instinct we are "killing" or "eating" each other, who knows, maybe we start looking to eat brains soon. People call this phenomenon “social decomposition”. Mmmmm... Decomposition. On second thought, I better prepare myself in case I find a zombie on the way.


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@ikar59 Great blog buddy... we have seen many zombies in the face of curruption... popullation... insecurity...

Great metaphor - comparing reality and zombie fiction. And how you say it, it really does feel a bit like zombie apocalypse!