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Today I am a little bit confused about something and I decided to share it here. Times and times again, we get to hear from people and from our individual self on how consistency is one of the keys to hard work. Well it sure works but I think it works on most things and not on all things.

In my steemmonsters journey today, for the past 3 days I took the game more serious due to the ticking of the clock that signifies the end of the season. My aim this season is to get to Diamond II but it looks vague right now. I keep getting close to my goal and then having to start back from 300 points away can be very very frustrating.

I mean what am I not doing right, and I tend to focus on my quest battle the most once that is available, if I don't finish my quest I can play a ranked game. So I guess that is not helping me too, so I stopped doing that and started playing by each rule with whatever deck I deem fit. Yet it is still not working, so I took myself to peakmonsters to go rent a wonderful card for my fire deck, maybe it will increase my fortune...Damn this card did but then I cant always have a fire deck answer to all rules question.

I guess consistency is just not the solution, but making the right choice too after countless mistake. Make sure you learn from this mistakes and redefine your plan. Life does not come with a manual like Steemmonsters. Still, most of u are still failing in this game.

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