The Lost Ancient City of Atlantis ... Found!

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The Lost Ancient City of Atlantis has at last been found!! Declassified CIA files on The Eye of The Sahara (The Richat Structure) have been released. These prove the immense importance of this incredible site hidden in plain sight all these years.

Full details can be found in the video below - share and subscribe to the excellent Bright Insight channel:

While researching the connection that the Ancient Egyptians had with the legends of Atlantis or Lumeria I found this excellent piece by Mike White, a self taught expert in ancient mysteries:

Atlantis was a contemporary of Egypt. They had been in contact for thousands of years, before the poleshift that submerged Atlantis. Before that disaster, there were Egyptian pharaohs that were Atlanteans. Their city was Amarna, although they ruled from Thebes.

There are murals that can be seen today that depict the Atlantean pharaohs, showing that they were of the red race. The Atlanteans of that epoch had different anatomy, with elongated dolichocephalic skulls. This is why the headdresses of lower Egypt sloped backwards, to conceal it, and they wore fake beards. It was hidden until near the end of their line, when Akhenaten came out of the closet, to reveal it. Inbreeding had disfigured him, but Nefertiti displayed the pure Atlantean anatomy.

The great tsunamis that resulted from the cataclysm in the Atlantic had a lesser impact upon Egypt, due to the narrow inlet at the Pillars of Heracles. They also were likely warned by the seers and mystics employed by pharaoh.

Cayce reported that records were hidden at Giza that disclose the long relationship between Atlantis and Egypt. There is an Atlantean record cache from 40,000 bce, and a second from the later Atlanteans of circa 10,000 bce.

The last group were centered in the delta. They built great cities there, that were later destroyed, or buried under the sands. They had wonderful temples, that included the Temple of Beauty and the Temple of Life, also an advanced hospital.

The last Atlanteans were the warmonger scientists, who settled at Heliopolis, the Set faction. These were restrained by the entrance of the Hyksos, who ruled for a few centuries. Akhenaten was the last of the spiritual pharaohs of Atlantis. He opposed those of the Set group, and rebuilt at Amarna. His reforms were too much for the powerful priests of Thebes, who overthrew him. During the civil war, the Set group, drove out the Hyksos, and supported the Ramases dynasty.

The heyday of the Lemurians ended by 50,000 bce. Any contact that they had with Egypt remains unknown.

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I have seen past life visions in both Atlantis and Egypt, very interested in it's history and where it is. I hope to go to Egypt this year :) or next

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