in life •  last year


Because I am a man, I am forced to work as hard as I can

Because I am a man, I am termed weak if I don't turn the other cheek

I am called a coward of I cannot walk up to a lady and let my heart speak

Because I am a man, they forget I am also a human

And a humans got to cry, got to hide when things don't go according to plan
Because I am a man, I am expected to smile even when Im sad.
The world wants me to be good to them even when it's clear I am bad

Because I am a man, I should be able receive loads of rejection and heart break from a lady

And always make efforts when she cries, to hold her like a baby

But I'm done with that society expects

Am gonna try a different aspect, I just want to be the man to make you do the things you never thought you could do

I want to be your weakness the only one for you

I want to sing to you even if my voice crack

Want to dance with you even if Im dancing off the beat

I am going to tell the truth even if the truth hurts

Because I am a man, I want to be able to cry when hurt and not be looked at as a abominable person

Be loved as I deserve and not what's reserve.



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