Kuya J's Comeback - After 6 Weeks of Recovery

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Kuya J's Comeback - After 6 Weeks of Recovery

Happy Easter fellow STEEMIANS!!!!!!

YEY! I’m finally back to STEEMIT! Yes! ^^) :D

After more than a month of recovery and rest, I can finally start writing again, sharing my knowledge and experience with this wonderful and supportive community. For more than a month now, I have been suffering from an eye infection which hinders me to function well from my usual day to day work.

It started a month ago as a simple itchiness and redness to my right eye, as to what I have assumed back then, that it was just because of the chlorinated water in the swimming pool and that it will pass after sleeping it off. But then, one week had gone by yet the itchiness and redness are still recurring not just in my right eye but also my left eye. I thought at first it was just sore eyes because each time I wake up every morning and look at the mirror, my eyes were very red and very itchy but aside from the redness and itchiness, there’s no secretion of whitish liquid from both eyes which are usually the most common symptoms for sore eyes.

Also, my eyes don’t feel tired or heavy, I’m not experiencing a sore throat or a runny nose that time, no inflammation on my lymph glands, and I don’t have a problem opening my eyes which are also symptoms for sore eyes. So I thought that it will heal itself if I just rested for a couple more days but two weeks later, still no changes and I’m still suffering from the usual itchiness and redness which are very irritating, only then I decided to have it checked to an eye specialist.

Me, after three weeks since it started

After my appointment with my doctor, she said that my eyes are very sensitive, easily irritated and that I have dry eyes so my doctor advised that I should avoid scratching my eyes, radiation from computers and other electronic devices, direct contact with sunlight, dust and etc. My doctor then prescribed me with lubricant eye drops and that I should come back two weeks later.

Unfortunately, after two weeks the redness and itchiness are still recurring although there are improvements compared to the past weeks like every time I used the lubricant for my eyes, it will relieve the itchiness and redness but only temporary. It will only last for about 4 to 6 hrs and after that, it will start itching again and redness branching out my eyes.

After I met with my doctor for the second time around after two weeks, I told her that there’s a cloudy formation in the upper part of my iris and that if I touch my eyeballs, it is quite painful. She then explained the conditions of my eyes and that I should treat it with an anti-inflammatory agent to relieve the pain and treat the eye infections. She prescribed me with these drops.

Glycerin (blue), Exopred (red)

Glycerin, the blue one, is for lubrication which I used a month ago 1 drop for each eye, four times a day. It gives me temporary relief for the irritation and discomfort due to the dryness of my eyes. After my second appointment, my doctor changed the dosage to 1 drop for each eye 3 times a day.

Exopred, the red one, is for the treatment of eye infection with inflammation. This is a medication used when both infection and inflammation co-exist. Prednisolone Acetate is for anti-inflammation while Ofloxacin is for anti-infective topical ophthalmic use. The dosage that was instructed to me by my doctor is 1 drop for each eye, four times a day for two weeks and then come back to her for further check-up.

And so, I continued using these drops and finally, after six weeks, I’m fully healed.

Me, as of tonight

Thank you, Lord, for the fast recovery although my vision started to get blurry despite wearing my glasses still I’m thankful that I am healed. And tomorrow, I will visit my doctor once again to get a reading on my vision and to buy new reading glasses. I hope you will look forward to my comeback and I have a lot of catching up to do in this community.

Thank you once again, happy Easter, and God bless us all.


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Welcome back @iamkuyaj,

thank you @rodylina :)

You're welcome 😊

Happy easter & welcome back to steemit!

thank you @joyrobinson :)

You look great. Welcome back:) You picked the best month to avoid Steemit. Take your time and be healthy.

thank you my friend @mineopoly :)
it has been a while and i have a lot of catching up to do, i also noticed that there are some that are discourage due to the inflation of the SBD price.

It is relative. Some see it as deflated. Your posts are still good to read.

what i meant was deflation, did not notice at first. hehe
thanks. :)