How To Push Start a Sportbike

in #life2 years ago

Sometimes it is necessary to push start a sportbike especially when they are hot. The engines have very tight tolerances and the mechanical load is just too much for the smaller batteries. It is best to do a push start in second gear as the load in first gear will skid to a stop. Just not enough traction to turn the engine over. The procedure is to get the bike rolling as fast as you can, jump on, shift into second, pop the clutch while jumping down on the seat to apply more weight to the rear wheel for more traction. The following video shows a push start with a few buddies helping to push.

If you are lucky it will start. It helps to have extra friends around to help push but can be done by a solo rider. Just run beside the bike pushing until it is as fast as you can get it and then jump on and bump start. Usually it is a bad or lowly charged battery causing the need to push start the bike. Keep your battery in top shape and with luck you may never need to do a push start. As always, enjoy the ride!


Back in the day I had an old BSA 650 that would blow the heal off my boot if the kick start didn't make it all the way through stroke before it fired. Hurt like hell!

I had similar as my first bike at age 14 was a Ducati 250 Monza in early 60s. Kick start was on the left and would take the hide off my ankle occasionally. I would get off the bike, on stand, and kick it with right leg standing by the bike and never lost any hide that way. I would start it and then sit on the seat. The ankle and leg burns from the mufflers and pipes hurt too.

I used to put mine in gear before pushing it, then hold the clutch in. You lose speed while putting it in gear. Dump the clutch as your arse hits the seat.

Most of the bikes have drag once the bike is in gear even with the clutch pulled in. It is only drag from the transmission but is very noticeable. You get a higher speed in neutral. The clutch pull, stab into gear is done when you first jump on the pegs. Then as you said dump the clutch as you drop on the seat. Either way works.

Had a girl friend that needed a push start on her Harley, forgot to turn the key on twice before they could get her started/ Wench! it was hot out!

Only 2 times wasn't so bad cause I have seen guys try for 10 times before someone asked if they had the key on. Not with a heavy Harley though. I have one of those lithium ion battery starter packs and can jump start most bikes. It is small enough and under the rear seat.

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