We always complain about life but look at these 2 young street children...

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We always complain about life, we dont have this, we dont have that, we asks so many WHYs in life... I was just touched about this post I saw on facebook, these 2 innocent street children. This photo was taken infront of Jollibee, a famous fast food restaurant in the Philippines. The brother sharing the food to his younger sister with a smile It seems they have a simple happy life but the daily struggles they have in life. It must be so tough.

I just realized how blessed I am, and I thank God for that. Hope that this children will always be safe.

Photo credits to Mr. Geo Tolentino Ringor, thanks for sharing this photo.


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You're right, there are a lot of people out there with more problems than we have. I guess it is good to try to be thankful for the things we do have, and not think as much about what we do not have. It's not easy though. But when you see something like these street kids, it does make you want to have gratitude for what you do have in life. I hope you're doing well, and have a nice weekend!

Yes thats true, I admit i always want something more but when I see those poor children out in the street it really change my thinking.

Hope your doing well too... have a great day!

I am doing well, thanks! We just had a 3 day weekend and I played in the pool with family and friends. :) Have a great week!

that´s life