Live More Simply By Decluttering Your Life And Your Mind (Day 24 of 30 of the Happiness Challenge)

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Last time, I spoke about how focusing on experiences and not things reduces stress and increases happiness. Today, I want to talk about taking this one step further and write about getting rid of things physically and mentally, as it can really be the simple things that make us most happy.

Have you ever wondered why vacation seems to be more relaxing than day to day life?
It is because we are away from all our ‘stuff’ and the responsibilities of our jobs and everything else. You don’t need to worry about what needs doing in the house, or taxing projects, work calling you, or even being reachable - you can just enjoy the time you have with the people you love.

Whilst we can’t feel like we are on a vacation all the time, we can simplify a few things in our lives by decluttering, as this allows us to focus on the important things that truly makes us happy. Here are a few ideas to help you declutter…

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Decluttering Your Home

There are hundreds of books, blog pros and even tv shows about decluttering, but it really all boils down to this…

Go through your home, each room at a time, heck even each cupboard at a time and find then things you don’t use or want. You do need to be a little ruthless.
Make a pile and these things can either be sold, given away or thrown away and the end result will be that you live in a space that is far more relaxing and indeed easier to clean and keep everything organised.

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Decluttering Your Calendar

The next area you could tackle is your calendar, or if you like the activities and obligations that you have to do daily or weekly. Being busy makes us feel productive, but some of it doesn’t make the best use of our limited time and doesn’t bring us joy.

Again, you have to be a little ruthless and even be prepared to say no, but you can do it politely. Feeling obligated is not a reason to do something, if it isn’t your job or necessary, get rid of it and used the gained time to help you get ahead, relax - something that makes you happy.

There may be some stuff like housework that is necessary, but if you can afford it, why not hire a cleaner, and if you hate it that much, use that fuel to put you in a position to hire one (or get your kids to do it for some pocket money if thats an options). Outsource the non joyful where you can.

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Decluttering Your Mind

Lastly, but definitely not least, it is time to declutter your mind. It is often overlooked, yet it is amazing how much ‘junk’ we let build up in there. We have this constant list running through our mind of what we should be doing, how we could have done something different, ideas for the future, what to cook for dinner, schedule that meeting.

Instead of thinking it all the time, write it down. Don’t judge, don’t organise, don’t edit - you can do all that later, just write to get it all out of your head and get some headspace back for looking after you.

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Who you do these activities, you will see how much lighter and happier you become in each area of your life as you declutter. Okay as with most of these tips, they are not necessarily easy, but they make the most extraordinary of differences. Decluttering is definitely a task that you should do regularly and keep on top off.

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OMG, clutter. My bane is random electronics and nerd crap everywhere.