You don’t need to find your passion

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Good day fellow steemians and you're welcome to my blog.

Based on the latest research on passion, it is not really necessary that you find your passion because as humans, we are dynamic individuals and attaching ourselves to a lifelong pursuit of “one passion” can prevent our fulfillment due to a narrow-minded chase and obsession for that passion, it can as well prevent us from deriving satisfaction from our sole chosen passion.

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Our passion is already inside us, we don’t have to find it but unlock it. Remember when you we were kids we would just do anything that came to our mind, we didn’t check and balance the advantages of football over basketball and vice versa. We just pick one of them irrationally maybe because we like it or because that was what most of our friends played, so we were influenced by it.

We built sand castles, we dug grounds for bugs, we cooked with moist sand and leaves, we dug up grasses with the thought of being a sewer monster, thinking they were all real without being asked or forced to practice them. Nobody instructed us to do it, we just did it deliberately, and we were led by our excitement and curiosity.

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This so called passion has been inside us, living with us since we were kids, it has been driving us to do whatever we feel like doing all this while, so why looking for it again? Someone asked few weeks ago that what do I have passion for and my answer was “everything I’m doing because whatever I do, I like and whatever I like is what I have passion for”.

It’s not about finding yourself doing what you don’t like or saying your talent is different from what you have passion for, no. that’s not it.
If you are doing what you don’t like, how would excel in it? if you are doing something that means you like it, you may not love it but you like it cause if you don’t you would have quit but you didn’t, you are still on it.

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Also, if your talent is playing football but one way or the other you ended up being a consultant which you like, hence it’s your passion but you don’t love it like football that is your talent, there is no problem with that. We are human beings and that makes us dynamical, you can be a consultant as your profession and also a footballer as your passion. You can be dynamical, create time for both, turn both into your passion with their time being adequately outplayed to avoid any confusion.

For example, I’m an accountant in making but I love playing basketball right from the onset of my life and that didn’t made me decide to leave my course and chase after my passion. Instead, I turned my course into my passion as well and created a well specified time between playing of basketball and being an accountant in making and it works great for me.

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In conclusion, we’ve already found our passion, we’re just ignoring it. Out of our 24hrs that we have in a day, something dominates a significant amount of our time. Maybe, our internet surfing, chatting, reading, writing and so on, they are all our passion since we like doing them. So our passion is right in front of us, we just don’t look at it. We keep telling ourselves that we love something else, saying its writing that I love but I can’t make money from it. Wrong!!! Have you even tried?

Our problem isn’t lack of passion; it has never been but lack of productivity, perception and acceptance towards what’s right in front of us. In a nut shell, anything we do can be our passion. We just have to look towards it and accept it.*

Thank you for reading!!!

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So right! When people hear "discover your passion", they think it's something that's so difficult. Our passion is just right infront of us.



Exactly. This problem has misled many people and made them make irrational decisions with their life. It's high time people knew they have been going through the wrong direction. Thank you

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