Average doesn’t mean secure

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Good day steemians and welcome to my blog on people's misconception on being average.

It is crystal clear that average is common but that doesn’t mean it’s safe or not risky. It is common among people to have this notion that anything that is being practiced or undertaken by so many people is safe, which is not mostly so.

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People think because it is common it will involve less risk, they believed that because it involves many people, it will be productive, safe and yielding.

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They use population as a yardstick for safety of anything or any activity that is, they have this misconception that if a lot of people are involved in something, that it is the safest path.

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These notions will be proven wrong with the following scenarios.

Let’s take being on steemit as an example-:

Steemit is a community on its own, it’s like another world entirely. Some people use this community mainly for business purposes.

They invest their hard earned money in this community with an expectation for a specified rate of return in which this move or step taken by these determined individuals is very uncommon and rare among people.

Now here is the question; should we have this notion that because what they did is very rare and uncommon among people thus its unproductive and unyielding? Hell no, we shouldn’t because they make their profits daily even more than a person with a white collar job.

Hence, it will however be prejudicial and irrational to arrive at the conclusion that because only few people are involved in this kind of business move, it is riskier and therefore unproductive and unsafe.

Let’s take online Jobs as another scenario-:

Most people believe that taking on online jobs is risky, unsafe and less productive because it involves less individuals in practice, it is uncommon and therefore not safe.

Tell that to a blogger who earns his entire income from running his websites, who has an entrepreneurship spirit in him and perceived profit opportunity in online works and contributions and make use of it efficiently and effectively

Or you should tell that to an highly paid worker of an aging company who has been working tirelessly for the company for twenty years and got fired one day because the economy of the country is not friendly and it has affected the company to the extent that the company can’t afford the amount of salary they paid out to workers monthly anymore, thereby stopping few of the workers from working for them.

But in the case of a blogger, he is the boss of himself, he runs and manages his online business (websites) by himself and both profit or loss will be claimed by him.

The only time when he can experience a little difficulty is when the economy of the country is bad but the worst that can happen during this period is reduction in his profit, he still got his job intact at least unlike that of a highly paid worker of an aging company.

However, the notion that online jobs are riskier and unsafe because it involves less individuals is vividly wrong.

These are few out of the misconceptions and false notions that people has always believed in and with the points detailed above, it is now crystal clear that these misconceptions are absolutely wrong and irrational.

Thanks for reading!!!

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