Earning a lot of money (Part 1)

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Earning a lot of money is not a goal in itself

Money is only a tool. It has been designed to offer you the life you desire. Independence and freedom are more important than earning a lot of money.

I will keep reminding you of it as long as I take care of my page here.

Too many of us forget it and neglect what is really important.

Earn a lot of money or live a life?

You have to learn who you really are. You must know what you are worth. Do not just look for bigger income or more massive assets. Decide first and foremost how you want to live, how you want to spend your time here on earth (this time that is so short), what you want to do every day when you get up.

And then only see how you have to get the money to live this life.

Real wealth is the time

It's about doing what you love doing, when you want it, and how you want it.

Money is only the means. Do not work for the money, make it work for you.

If not…

Otherwise, you will wake up every day older, and when you are close to death, you will realize - too late - that you have spent your life capital for financial capital you no longer need.

The amount of money needed is different for each of us. Some find that they need $10,000 a month.

Others want to build a capital of $100 million, because they want to be part of the richest of this land.

Some are content with $1,000 to $2,000 per month, because their lives are more frugal.

Remember, however, that beyond a certain amount of money, it is proven that one does not necessarily become happier. Serious and documented studies show that from a family income threshold of around $5,000 a month, earning more money does not bring added happiness.

This race for money that many know is therefore futile.

Try to live more simple, and enjoy every day that is offered to us.

Decide what is your financial goal, and work to achieve it

But do not let your happiness depend on it.

Also have fun traveling the path to your own financial freedom. So, even if by a whim of fate you should fail, at least you will have lived the life that always wanted to live.

I will be guiding you through financial tips after now. Until next time, Stay Happy!


Thank you for reading

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