My fortune cookies in 2020

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Today is our Chinese New Year celebration in our office. This year the mandarin is serve a little different. It is serve in exchange of a fortune cookies.

One can take two and the first one I got is this.


Live the life you've imagined.

I really would love to do that.
I've imagined quite a bunch of things for my life and so much more are yet to be achieve. Hopefully, this year I can at least achieve some of it.

The second one is this.


Your smile bring happiness to everyone you meet.

Do I?
I guess this one, only you know the answer but if it did, I would smile all the time just for the sake of bringing happiness for others.

This two fortune telling did give me a little happiness while reading but it's just a fortune telling enough to make me smile, it could be or couldn't be the truth but who knows 🤣

Happy Chinese New Year everyone who is celebrating.


Now, I'm happy and full 🤣🤣




Imagine good things for yourself, your family and the world. And keep on smiling! :)

I always do but sometimes it hurt me not achieving the imagination. Smiling do help me feels better. I've promised my husband that I will always smile for him.

Your smile brings happiness to me so keep smiling and I hope you can live the life you imagined. It's something you need to work for too.

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