Falling apart...

in life •  14 days ago 

"We can only plan but the decission is in God's hand"

All through this year, I've been trying to fullfill all my heart desires and I even push myself to go beyond my limitation.

I'm not quite sure that I'm making the right decission now and about how will it affect me in the future, but I decided to keep pushing foward.

It hurt a lot when everything that I planned seem to be falling apart and wasn't the ending that I was hoping for. Everything seem to be going to the wrong direction and not exactly as I planned.

Well, I believed that this is normal. I just need to be stronger. Keep having faith and keep on smiling.

I kept telling myself,...
"It hurt but I will be alright, God has his plan, just wait for it."

This has been proven a lot of time in my life, so why can't I wait some more, right?

It won't cause me any harm in waiting.

Well, that's all for now. Hope to be writing again soon.

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