My Day 002 - Tracking Useful Activities & Coffee

in life •  19 days ago

Hello dear followers!

Here I am again. If you didn't read yesterday's post... I'm writing here every single day to track my new years resolutions. I had a very unhealthy life in 2018, mostly caused by my stressful job. But now that I quit my job I will get back on track.

From next week I will put it in a table for each week how I did on my healthy habit. One of them is drinking coffee. Well not to drink coffee. No not that, but just not too much coffee. Like 3-4 a day instead of 6 or 7 like I'm still doing. Also today I drank 6 coffee, which is very unhealthy and it makes me tired en energized at the same time, which is a very strange feeling.

But I know the cause of drinking coffee. It's not the coffee itself. It's my procrastination. When I have to start working on my data science projects I say to myself: "first a coffee". And when a little task is done and I have to move on to the next I say again "first a coffee". Coffee is just a way to procrastinate. That's why I'm less productive.

I wanted to work 6 hours on my data science projects today, and I tracked the time I was actually working on it. In the six hours I stayed at home for working on my project, I only worked 3 hours. The rest of them were gone to making coffee, making lunch and other useless activities. This shocked me a little but. Half of the time I'm just doing nothing.

So no more then 3 coffees the next days and I will track how much time I spend on useful / useless things, just to keep me motivated to go on and not to get distracted!

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