Will RuDEX push the price of SMOKE to $6 and beyond?

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The Answer is YES.
Why? because both SMOKE AND STEEM use the same block-chain and STEEM has already seen a high of $6.07 within the last 2 years


RuDEX is launching the SMOKE Network Gateway! https://market.rudex.org/

RuDEX will be supporting Smoke, Bitshares, Steem, Golos, Peerplays, Decent, Muse, Karma, EOS, Scorum, and Whaleshares. And more to come.

The RUDEX.SMOKE asset is backed 1:1 by each SMOKE, and can be deposited and withdrawn using the gateway operated by RuDEX (https://rudex.org).

I am following @blckchnd who is a Graphene Ambassador here on SMOKE for RuDEX.

I hope you show your support and Vote BLCKCHND witness27 you can be assured they will do their part in keeping the SMOKE network safe.

@skylinebuds posted a guide to help you set up a RuDEX RUDEX.pngaccount. https://smoke.io/smokenetwork/@skylinebuds/first-market-and-guide

May Your Health Be With YOU.png

Going to be Dope! getting to know you all.
I will do a Intro post for both Steemit and Smoke very soon.

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