Zindagi Migzara... Life Goes On

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Zindagi Migzara

This is the only phrase I know in Persian. I picked it up from Khaled Hosseini's novel "The Kite Runner". A novel I read more than six years ago but this sentence got stuck in my mind. The book was in english, but this one specific sentence was written like this, in Persian but in latin Alphabet. The very essence of the novel was about how Life Goes On. And every time something makes me observe life and its habit of going on, regardless of everything, The words "Zindagi migzara" come to my mind, and, along with them, the novel "The Kite Runner".

Life Goes On

This came to my mind, once more, yesterday, when we were having a barbecue in our house. The whole the family, together, talking and joking and laughing, in peace an harmony, as if there was nothing wrong in the world, as if there was no such thing as Coronavirus...

Of course the usual joke, the one about me being "the boy scout" whose duty is to make the fire and take care of it, had to mark its presence :D

Zindagi Migzara

Seasons change, and will keep changing, it's spring now and soon it will be summer. Life will keep going on, regardless of the lock-down or of anything else. It is in our best interest to adapt and find a way to induce some life into our existence.

That barbecue will be our last meal in daytime under the sun until next month, because...

Ramadhan Mubarak

As you may be aware, today marks the first day of Ramadhan, a month when Muslims commit to not eating and not drinking in daytime. We decline the very most basic desires of our bodies, those of food and water, as to prove we are in control, our desires don't rule us. We also make more effort not to commit the smallest sins like lying or talking about people behind their backs... (hoping this behavior becomes the norm and stays with us through the year.)

One more benefit in Ramadhan is that it allows us to feel the poor, their hunger and thirst, and thus, encourages us to try to help them with what we can. Charity is one of the things that increase during this month.

So I wish a happy and blessed Ramadhan to every Muslim out there :)