What if...

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I feel lonely, or unique? Are they the same thing?

Let's focus on the unique part, first.

What defines a person (me)? What makes them unique? Age, thoughts and opinions, personality, intelligence, maybe mood...?

The more specific it gets the more unique the person gets.

I mean there are (only) billions of male humans on earth, only hundreds of millions of them are my age, only about a few millions are engineers...

and it gets narrower and narrower until...

Until let's say I'm a one of a billion kind of person. Wait! That makes us seven similar people out there!

The point is...

(I'm not so sure, but I think it's) That I am not alone/ you are not alone/ WE are not alone. Not really. Many people, maybe too many, are united by this feeling of loneliness and by this struggle of seeking sense in an insane world. Many of us are more similar than we know and than we like to admit. We even meet and talk and, maybe, argue without recognizing one another. That's why I have no proof. It's only a theory, an idea. One that brings some kind of confort to me and I hope it will bring you the same.


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