Corona Virus Ruining Some Plans

in #life4 months ago (edited)

Me: Starts learning German, planning to immigrate


Me: Ignores Corona Virus, keeps learning and starts the immigration procedure

Germany: Closes the borders

Me: Hoping all this is temporary, keeps going with the procedure and the learning.

On my way to translate some papers...
The girl next to me in the bus:

How are you, my friends? And how is this new Virus affecting y'all?

In Tunisia, we have 24 cases, one recovered, and no one dead. The government is taking serious measures to prevent it from spreading fast. Admitting it will eventually affect the majority, we are just trying to slow it down so we wouldn't have more cases at the same time than what our (fragile) healthcare system can handle.

The borders are closed. everyone who recently came to the country is quarantined and checked for 14 days. Everyone who got in touch with them is also quarantined until they're prove to be healthy...

This makes it harder for me to find a new job here, and impossible to find one abroad, but no complaints. I just hope this situation won't last long.

Keep safe everyone :)