Alright Quick Post Of Unwind Before I Nod Off

in life •  14 days ago

Yea, just been a blast, all the thought happenings. So much on, unsure how to say. Won't get bummed out by the culture attitude, the too cool not care fringe of fit right in. Do the flip switch engage to ultra normal. All the depressos notions nauseous. Those kids not wanting to grow up in not a good way. Cater to the coddle ready technology, implode your brain. Any one different put on mind altering drugs, treat you like a machine, churning crippled children to trauma of paternalist consumer machine. The insult, they are the adult, you're the dummy, yet kids are not stupid they see the sick child in your own so called adult self. No time for this wasted adult, next!!

Just bend, twist, contort to fit in. Get the disease, another tattoo, another hit, the operation, the drug, just for a sense of belonging to an outrageous demanding standard or maybe it's just to survive, need to belong somehow. Ragged individualism gone berserk. People frantically trying to belong to an empty and sick culture. No way to have the home base sense of orientation in the uber consumer gizmo tech zones. Still I would rather do without than make do. The blame game culture wants you to blame yourself, like you are responsible for the state of the world. Nope it wasn't me, I would rather the whole world change in humane terms to solve dangerous problems, then blame myself and shrivel and cower to be an infantile shred of what I am or could be. They blame, punish the kids as a way of ignoring their own shortcomings. Pathetic, yet its epidemic. The best one could hope for is to not add more misery to the world by making it worse or continuing the harm. Make the demand without a furrowed brow to occupy the law

Alright well that was in for a stretch wasn't it? Ya I have more going on in there, my head. Was just moment to get some out. Who knows where I'm at, could change the range of thought tomorrow. Oh shit, it's late, gotta get up a bit early tomorrow. Just had a bit on the brain. Hmmm, remembered what I was going to get on the musicians dying lately in the last years to now..many of them 10, 11, 12, - 14+ years older than me. Was thinking I want to do right by them by doing well when I get to that time and beyond. Keep it all going. Blast off in a good way

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Stretch, stretch, bend, but do not break!

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