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RE: The Matter of MOTIVATION

in #life4 years ago

This post completely resonated with me!
After reading this I understood what I did to change my life. I adopted the attitude of gratitude. Replaced my negative thoughts with positive ones and being grateful for what i already have.
Works 100% ✨
And the 'Start from the end' concept I read in a book called Psychocybernetics. (check it out if you haven't, it's brilliant!).
I have not yet been able to put my dreams and visions on paper. But definitely have put them in songs.. And more are coming :)
Thank you for writing this! Your posts deserve so much more attention ✨


thank you so much @hardikv - that means the world to me, it really does!

Thinking from the end was something I learned from a book called "the power of intention". - and yes, it changes everything!

I will definitely go check Psychocybernetics out too though!

Thanks for the amazing feedback xxx

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