Why Seatbelt is Important

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Right before my eyes, an head-on collision happened(could have taken pics, but my car was moving), although the impact was not great, however there were injuries, though Nigeria as it is have few bad roads, they could have beaten the danger if only they had buckled up, I thought this post could remind us of the dangers that accompanies not using our belt.

A significant number of people especially adults don't do it. We often tell the kids and elderly to buckle up not matter what, but we on the other side, act like we are oblivious of the rules when we stay at the back sit. When you get into a car or you get a lift or uber or Taxify. It is pertinent we do the right thing but many adults don't.

According to the new survey from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety "Adults riding in the back seat are far less likely to buckle up than when they are sitting up front".
Thousands of people from different spheres of life die each year in car accidents due to their lackadaisical attitude of not wearing a seatbelt, the leading cause of death for people under the age of 40.
Wearing a seatbelt can prevent you being swayed and smashed through the vehicle’s wind shield, this making a gory mess all over the car or in the road. If you know this and out of your carefreeness are still not wearing a seatbelt you’re a bit reckless aren’t you?. Seatbelts should be worn by all passengers at all times, don’t ever for once think you are safe at the back of the vehicle either.
Let me teach you small physics, in Relativity, Imagine racing your car at a very high speed – into a wall. When a car stops abruptly(which technically won't, unless it defiles laws of Newton!), there is bound to be a collision since its a function of mass(passenger) and speed(of the moving car) to make the impact, the passengers inside are still moving relative to the stopping car, it's simple inertia, and unless they are buckled up, then they go for a long very swift forward ride against and material in their way(centripetal).

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It’s common sense so use a seatbelt.
Why don't you wear a seatbelt, you feel your are too big to?, or you feel danger can't come by because you are not going for a long ride?, or you feel the road are smooth, hence no death trap?.
The bottom line is that risk doesn't exist in a vacuum and that there are a host of factors that come into play, including the rewards of risk, whether they are financial, physical or emotional, mental, psychological. It is this very human context in which risk exists that is key, says Adams, who titled one of his recent blogs: "What kills you matters — not numbers."

Let us all embrace safety. Live! Love!! and Learn!!!.

Thanks for reading my post and always use your seatbelt.

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Lol, thanks always use your seatbelt 😀