What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger...

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I was talking to a friend this morning who isnt having even the courage to travel out of his country. He is afraid of wars, kidnappers and anything that could go wrong. I was laughing and telling him about my old cat who attacked a bunch of dogs without any fear. Who jumped on the TV to fight the lions. She just reacted without thinking about the consequences. I saved here after she lost one tooth and she wanted to do the same again and again. So why are we human so fragile! Why do we fear the unknown and not willing to come out of our comfort zone!

It’s really difficult to think towards a positive side when we go through any struggle in life but we also should remember that every struggle has a permanent ending. Every struggle makes us more stronger than we have ever been in the past. Life is the endless opportunity to choose between good and evil; right or wrong; kindness and patience over anger; goodwill over envy; temperance over gluttony; generosity over greed; humility over pride; and activity over sloth. We have to experience everything and go through every test to understand how it feels like.

Happiness or suffering are experiences that give our past and our future a context. We cannot have ups without downs, nor downs without ups. We must experience change and must accept it when it comes. There are no straight lines in nature. Planet earth the place where we came to test our abilities as humans. And even if you dont believe in religions, you will still realize that life is just a test. We struggle to learn new things. To have different experiences in many ways. Life without suffer is just boring and thats not what we humans are made for.

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It happened in my country too some weeks ago. Two brothers fall off the cliff while taking a selfie. Well I wouldnt risk it for a selfie :(