Thundarr the Barbarian was an epic cartoon

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You had to be really lucky to ever see this show because it only aired for about a year in the early 80's. While I am considerably older than I think most people on Steemit, i was only just old enough to be cognitively aware of what was going on during this thing.

It only happened on Saturday mornings and even then it was only for about 10 minutes as it was not even it's own show, it was simply an add-on to other cartoons.


I will admit that i was too young to really even know when this would air but it really wasn't important because cartoons were LIFE back in the early 80's and we would wake up at the damn crack of dawn in order to have a look.

Now, looking back, i can say that Thundarr was set in a post-apocalyptic future and while there were futuristic elements to it, for the most part everything was quite "manual" in that weapons were swords and arrows and what not.

It ended up not being popular enough to carry one beyond the 2 seasons that the story encompassed but would later be re-released a few years later in 1983. This was a precurser to He-Man, which as I am sure you are aware went on to be exceptionally popular.

I'm definitely dating myself by revealing that I really liked this show, even though i was probably still young enough to be pooping my pants on a regular basis at that time in my life. This show was just so epic, and while it never gained much fanfare, was likely my favorite show in my very early life.

I wonder if there were ever some comic books made about it. I would certainly like to get my hands on them if there were.

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I don't know about this one but your review reminds me of how I feel about Gargoyles from 1996. When I recommend it (because to me it was everything) I sorta feel very old 😂

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I don't know as though I remember this one. I have a feeling based on your posts, we are pretty close to the same age though. Cartoons were so rare back in the day. It was Saturday morning and that was it. I remember having to wait a whole week for the next episode of Gummy Bears to be on. I think the Spiderman with Iceman and Firestorm was probably my favorite. That and the classic Superfriends with the Legion of Doom. Great stuff.

I have a memory of that cartoon as well as HeMan.

Heard about Shyder?

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Any relation to Conan?

It came out around the same time but was set in the future so not really.

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I don't remember Thundarr. I think about those years and it looks interesting haha!

He-Man if I'm sure it was presented here in Venezuela. Everyone my age saw it.

What a time!

it is not at all surprising that you haven't heard of Thundarr, it was only on for a very short amount of time and never really gained much traction or fame. He-Man on the other hand, was huge.

Omg! I completely forgot about this one.

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Omg!! amazing!!