The Kevin Hart controversy is dumb

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Do we really have nothing better to do than to crucify people for things they said nearly a decade ago?

So in case you haven't been paying attention to the SJW's ruining of anything fun Kevin Hart was meant to be hosting the Oscars, a show that diminishes in viewship every year because 1. It is boring and 2. It's a room filled with millionaires using the television show to lecture common people about how to live their lives.

The Kevin Hart "controversy" stems from him being announced as the host, which might have actually been fun, and some Social Justice idiots though it would be a good thing to go through his past with a fine-tooth comb and found some tweets that could be perceived as being mildly homophobic.

Let's get something straight here: Kevin Hart is a comedian and comedians will at times say controversial things in order to get laughs. Sometimes this humor might be insulting to some people and just because it is a group like homosexuals shouldn't make it off-limits.

Here is one of the comments in question.


Now does anyone think that he, or anyone else who is sensible would actually do this? Of course he wouldn't. Also, the values that he decides to instill in his kids is entirely his business IE. not your business.

So due to pressure it was demanded by the Academy that he apologize or they were going to withdraw their invitation for him to host the event. I actually admire Kevin for refusing to do so and instead quit before he could be fired.

This very issue is the reason why some of the best comedians won't do shows in certain places, especially college campuses where there are going to be an extrordinarily high percentage of virtue signaling social justice warriors. The comedians that immediately come to mind (and you can look this up) are Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Larry the Cable Guy.

I honestly believe that the SJW's wont be satisfied until everything is condemned and there is no fun left in the world. People joke about things, many comedians joke about lots of controversial topics on a regular basis. If we are to eliminate all controversy and all hurt feelings in the hopes of creating a sterile, safe for everyone, definitely not going to hurt anyone's feelings sort of environment I think entertainment, and especially comedy is going to become extremely boring. Everyone is going to be so afraid of being labeled as a (insert whatever here) phobic, that they are not going to say anything amusing at all.

I, like most people, wasn't going to watch the awards anyway for the 15th year in a row. Mark my words, this year's ceremony will break last year's record-setting low viewership.

and that's why this is

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We live in such a pussy ass society. Everyone get's offended by anything these days. For some SJW you'd have to think 30 times before phrasing any sentence as to not be offensive.


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Truthfully, I haven't cared about the academy awards in years. It's just not that entertaining to me. I'd rather get the highlight reel instead.

The pressure put on Kevin Hart is... woefully misguided. The tweet you showed may have been in slightly poor taste, but nothing worth crucifying someone over. I don't get it...


i think that most people share our sentiment towards the award. However, i bet the people in the Hollywood bubble still think it is the most important dance. :)


Well, you're not wrong...

Comedy is supposed to push boundaries. Too many weak bitches these days. If you can censor comedy you can censor anything

The leftist SJW hates people, especially successful people. They weaponize morality to make any successful man appear evil. When SJW runs out of targets, they end up attacking their own people.


i suppose that is one light at the end of this absurd tunnel. They have "overplayed their hand" to the point where most people don't listen when the "cry wolf" anymore.

Being offended has become a trend these days. sometimes its okay but now everything has become a point of objection, which is awe full.
Keep on raising such subjects to ponder upon.

Totally agree, with you, one only crucifies people for what they said years ago, the prizes obviment all you win and there are already 100 prizes for everything, even the best ones who go to the bathroom to say something. Greetings and my respects I loved how you finished the post with soutpark

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As you said in aarticle many comedian doing comedy in controversial things actually that is ok as per my opinion because doing a comedy on a part where actually people understand a seriouness of topic and they can be ignore such kind of serious issue and they can get relax.

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We live immersed in a society where there is an abundance of hpócritas and false ones with paper morals. Kevin Hart's position is admirable, he is a human being with a lot of dignity. Thank you for sharing your opinion, @gooddream.