Wage Discussion in Education

in life •  21 days ago

Without paying the tuition fee, the staff cannot be cared for and as we know, 'a hungry man is an angry man'. If the school institution cannot make payments to teachers, it will not be a source of encouragement for teachers. That's why I say education should be paid.

Wage Discussion in Education ile ilgili görsel sonucuSource

Another reason that I think education should be paid is that if the education is paid from time to time, the student motivates the student to participate well in the school by knowing how much income is spent to respond to academic needs.

Wage Discussion in Education ile ilgili görsel sonucuSource

I think he should get the tuition fee at a reasonable price. Not all schools are public schools, most of them are private, and the authorities of these private schools need to be financed, if necessary, to renovate the school building and provide salaries for staff.

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