Morning People

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Some people are not people of the morning, and not at all. Such people's families and friends know this situation and they never call the person in the morning.

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Just like my friends and family. They know that they shouldn't call me without exceeding a certain time, because if they do something like this, they know they're going to wake up the monster inside me. I'm like that. I enjoy every minute of your sleep, but every minute of it.

When I grew up I could say I've been a little more tolerant about this, but I would say that I was hibernating, especially in school times. Sometimes I would sleep, wake up at dinner time of the other day. Now, looking at me, I'm surprised why they're not worried about me. I'm thinking now, and I'm even worried about myself.

As it turned out, I had to leave my work after school. I've always hated my friends who had done their sport, took a shower and had their inner discipline solved to the end as they started their day calmly. My mornings end up believing in the power of postponement.

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I postpone, postpone, postpone, then run out of the house. So I decided to wake up one hour early in the morning when the business was on. I mean, if this thing would change my life as much as I thought, I thought I could.

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