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Every day, we are faced with news in social media, visual and print media. In everyday life. But we could do it for once.

empathy ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Empathy or empathy means understanding and internalizing someone else's feelings, motivation in their situation or behavior. It is also used to reflect their feelings on other objects.

 Why did I start with this sentence? I think this is the most important concept that is missing in our lives these days.

empathy ile ilgili görsel sonucu

This latest agenda is often repeated, just like a horror film. I'm not thinking. I'm not about who chooses or chooses. But in the last few days, the hands of our children, who are representing our future, have become even more painful and destructive. My goal is not to talk politics. I don't know, I'll change the subject immediately. But a woman knows what it means to be a child and I know and feel the requirements.

If we go to the definition of the word to do the definition of him; human, in the womb or in the developmental period between infancy and adolescence.

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