Getting Your Brother's Approval

in life •  14 days ago

First, let me begin by saying that my approval is insignificant and that my sisters decide to go out with them. I can only give them advice and give an idea of ​​who they are dating and what they think about themselves.

If they call for my approval, then I will never give it as long as I know it's dishonest. There is no reason why no one should let their brothers out with a fraud and you never know what this will be.

brother's marriage ile ilgili görsel sonucuSource

What if the person gets arrested and arrested for his crimes and my brothers are arrested as an accomplice. Fraud issues are taken seriously and if you are caught, you are faced with the full throttle of the law.

brother's marriage ile ilgili görsel sonucuSource

Now I don't know how true this is, but apparently, many of the girls who are victims of it are becoming useless and often not much. Obviously, whether or not it is true, I would not risk the fate of my brothers for any reason.

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