Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

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Would you like to unbox with me my new Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2 hotspot because if you are looking for a good mobile Wifi device, you might like it?

Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

I have used a TP-link mobile Wifi hotspot for several years and was very happy with it until I had to replace the battery, which is not sold in Thailand separately by the manufacturer.

The device was still working and it is a shame that I had to throw it away just because I can't have a new battery. I didn't buy this brand this time.

Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

I searched on the Internet to see which good brand I could use and I found the Huawei.

I just receive the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2 that I ordered on the Internet to replace the old TP-link I have used for several years and this is the box.

Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

Most of these mobile Wifi hotspots using a 4G Sim card have a maximum speed of 150 Mbps like the last one I had, and this one is an improvement with double speed at 300 Mbps. 4G in Thailand is no very fast unfortunately, but this technology still can help get better download times.

Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

That's the device in the box and it is beautiful.

Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

This is all you have in the box.

A quick start guide, the hotspot, a charger, a USB cord and adaptor.

Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

This is where you insert your micro Sim card. There is a slot for a micro-SD card as well and the reset button.

Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

There is an App that you can download on your phone to setup and manage the device. You can also use your computer.

Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

When you open the slot cover, you can insert the USB cable in the micro USB port and charge the device with the charger or your computer.

Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

There is also an Ethernet port, which is a great thing if you are using a computer with no WiFi.

Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

There is an output charging port at the left that you can use to charge your mobile phone for example because the device can act as a power bank.

The strap is also the power bank cable that you use to recharge your other device.


Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

The device has a huge non-removable battery, and this time I know that when the battery is dead, I will have to buy a new hotspot. I believe the battery is of better quality this time.

Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

That's a premium battery cell that can be used for 25 hours, which is really great.

This is a quick look at the app to manage the hotspot.

Unboxing the Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro2!

By the way, you can connect 10 different WiFi devices at the same time on it, and after using it for a couple of days, I am very happy to have purchased it.

The price was 4,900 THB ($147).

I wanted to share this with you and I hope this is useful if you are looking for a way to connect on the Internet while away from home.

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These things are not made to have you replace the battery so you have to buy a new one every couple of years. This one looks like a nice one to bring to places. :-)

This is a nice one, thank you for commenting @happydolphin.

that looks boring...unbox something exciting..

Thank you for your feedback @itstime. Next unboxing will be Christmas!

So we gotta wait for 4 months?

Coincidentally my company also issues that one for us to business trips! It's a very good reliable piece of equipment, at least the dozen of times I've used it. Also very economical as well. I like Huawei products very much (phones a bit pricey though). Thanks for posting your unboxing @gmichelbkk

Thank you very much @zhuwa for commenting and confirming that this is indeed a good choice I have made to buy the Huawei.

$147 is to much for this hotspot device .

Maybe, yes,but considering how hard I use them and expecting to keep it for 3 years, it will only cost $4 a month.

It is a good device and the features makes it more accessible and comfortable.

Thank you fro commenting @rahulkoshti.

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