Start Your Day on the Right Foot!

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Would you like to know how starting your day on the right foot can make everything go smoothly, even in solving and reacting to problems, while starting your day on the wrong foot can bring you misery all day?

Start Your Day on the Right Foot!

Today, I didn't start my morning routine with a walk and exercise as usual while listening to self-development audio, and thereafter everything seemed to go wrong or I thought everything went wrong.

Start Your Day on the Right Foot!

I usually get up on the right foot every day as I have a morning routine I stick to. I wake up at 6:20 or 6:30 in the morning, I have a shower immediately, then go downstairs to look at some comments on Steemit. At 7:00, I drive my daughter to school, stop at a 7/11 convenience store to buy some coffee that I drink in the car going back home.

Then it's about 7:45 and I put on my sports t-shirt and shorts and go off for my 20-minute walk, which is 2 kilometers, and *40 minutes of exercising, while I listen to self-development audio.

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I never listen to the news or read my email first in the morning to start on the right foot and my morning routine is working great. After exercising I will make my breakfast, and then start my things on the computer. The whole day would go smoothly, me having a positive attitude all day even when things are not going as planned or going wrong.

Not today!

Today, I woke up at 6:00 and felt like I over slept because yesterday I was quite tired and went to bed earlier than usual.

I had my shower, and then decided to check my emails as I had a lot of time before driving my daughter to school. I was not upto doing something more serious.


I saw that email.

Seattle Cloud

Seattle Cloud

Seattle Cloud

Seattle Cloud

This is not exactly the kind of email you want to see when you are still sleepy, first thing in the morning!

Now, I need to explain why this got me so upset this morning.

About 4 years ago I started to make apps using an app builder. I made different entertainment Android apps I put for free on the App Store to earn some ad revenue and I also made an app for my wife's e-commerce business for Android, the iPhone and iPad.

For 2 years I paid $145 per year for the app builder with a reseller of this Seattle Cloud company that sent the email. After 2 years I decided to move with another reseller of Seattle Cloud called, which is very good, and got myself a lifetime reseller plan for $1,000. I thought that this would be a good deal not having yearly payments to make and I even considered reselling app-builder plans at a very affordable price as I completed the website for it.

Then last year, problems with the Seattle Cloud server. The apps stopped working on the Apple Store and Google Store for about two weeks. They started to work again eventually, but the apps were not in the Dashboard anymore, which means you could not make updates.


Since then, I decided not to go forward with taking customers for the app builder or making apps for clients, and that was an excellent decision because now I have 3 apps to remake completely with the second builder they have on before the deadly deadline on 15 March!

I am really not happy with that, but I can't help thinking of the other clients of that reseller that have hundreds of apps for themselves or other clients to remake if they don't buy the service of this Seattle Cloud company.

What happen is that Seattle Cloud has terminated the reseller we all used, and in fact they have terminated 4 very successful resellers forcing people to buy their very expensive services or remake their apps.

Not sure on how to call this kind of business attitude!

Like websites, it is preferable to have your own server, but for apps and app builders you depend on companies that can shut you down the next day or change the rules and you are screwed.

Do not use Seattle Cloud for your apps!

After explaining all this, you understand why I was in a very bad mood, having just broken my morning routine.

Then, I drove my daughter to school and my wife went along because she needed to see a doctor having a cough and headaches for a while. We arrived early at the hospital, had time to see the doctor and ate a snack. Then, she went to pay the bill at the cashier and as we all have medical insurance, one part is invoiced to BUPA, the insurance, and the over limit invoiced to us.


We are in Thailand and my wife is covered for outpatient visits for 1,500 THB. The bill at the Bcare Hospital exceeded that a bit and she had to pay an additional 500 THB. They had her sign one invoice for 1,500 THB for the insurance, and one for the additional 500 THB.

Nothing special, everything was good, but it struck me!

I have an outpatient limit of 1,000 THB with the same BUPA insurance and each time I get those two bills they apply a discount for medicine on the two bills. This means that the insurance never pay 1,000 THB in full because the hospital will make a bill for them of 960 THB, and the missing 40 THB would be on my bill.

Almost all hospitals in Bangkok I have been to do that, except one or two. It's not a lot of money and not worth getting upset, but the fact that they don't do that with everyone and that it depends on your face just makes me furious. I suspect that the hospitals have some agreement with the insurance to get that discount, or they are doing this only to foreigners in Thailand, or the cashier made a mistake this morning and should have deducted the insurance's bill.

You see how starting on the wrong foot can make your day going really bad for little things that are even not worth it.

When we came back home I wanted to exercise, but it was too hot outside and decided to be at the computer instead. At 1:00 in the afternoon I drove a staff member to the post office to send the orders of the day as we do every day, and went to school to pick up my daughter earlier as usual, as it was an exam day.

Nothing going wrong there, except that I still had the app and the hospital things on my mind. When we arrived back home, it was 2:00 and we had to leave again at 3:30 for my daughter's piano lesson.

I said, "Ok, it's time to exercise now because it will be too late then."

I changed into my athlete outfit and went out walking and exercising with an umbrella because it looked like it was going to rain anytime.

I completed this in one hour and without rain, and that was the first good thing of the day.


I also flushed my mind with what had bugged me all day after listening to my audio.

This is showing that starting the day with it is the right way to do it, because that's starting the day on the right foot.

After exercising and ready for the piano lesson, I learned that the piano teacher had canceled the lesson. Another thing not going to plan.

Now, it's nearly 8:00 in the evening and as I am going to shut down the computer, I am thinking of how I should start on the right foot tomorrow and tackle this app issue.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my experience starting the day on the wrong foot and all the things I have maybe made bigger than they are.

Did you start the day on the right foot?

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Michel Gerard


"I suspect that the hospitals have some agreement with the insurance to get that discount, or they are doing this only to foreigners in Thailand, or the cashier made a mistake this morning and should have deducted the insurance's bill."

You're suspicions was right @gmichelbkk.. most of the hospitals here in Bangkok had their agreements done including the doctors. I'm a Filipino living here in Thailand about 10 years now and got married with a Thai, @thidaratapple, for 7 years. I let my wife read your content about what I'd just copy paste and she said that if they (hospitals) see some foreigners with insurance, they will just make a story or something to get all of the money in their (foreigners including me) insurance. In addition of from my wife, Thai people, too, are being pushed to get the money in their insurance.
As of my experience before, I had bitten by a centipede at my back. It's kind of big actually, and my co teacher took me at a private hospital. I got 100,000 worth of insurance and they did what they have to do. (I think you know what I mean hahaha), They checked me up and did what the nurses must do and when I looked up from my receipt, hell yeah, 6,560 baht for just a bit of that silly centipede.

Well, I hope to meet you soon here @gmichelbkk somewhere around. 😊

Thank you @michaelcabiles for confirming my suspicions. I have a couple of good doctors that are careful in their choice of medication and their pricing. After years, greedy doctors are on my black list. BNH is the worse for sucking money. The issue is always at the cashier level and I will fight back!

I haven't gone through BNH but, thanks for telling me. I got my worst experience at Saint Louis Hospital in Sathorn. Well, we must complain if we know that what they are doing is such a ****. :D See you around @gmichelbkk!

In fact, it was all an honest mistake... they charged you 65 Thb per centipede leg!

Hahaha!LOL! Lucky for me I had my insurance from school. 😁

I really enjoy ur blog sir because i get to learn so much . Hope to be a great steemian someday. Thanks for your various contributions to this community

@hokulor, thank you, I am glad you like it!

@gmichelbkk bro your morning routine is good but today is the bad day which is part of life.
I think in in first pic with heading start your day on right foot, here left floor pic is pasted :D
and you are under left foot today. lol
may your mood get better after reading my comment.

@imran-aslam, thank you for your comment that I read the next day, which is a good day!

Sometimes, it doesn't go according to plan and it is like the law of Murphy, if one thing doesn't go how it supposed to then suddenly everything goes messy it can be very frustrating. You only can go with it and make the most of it, and in my experience are those days where you can find little precious moments to cherish, like your child says something very funny or sweet and your heart melts or you here a song that you got in your head the whole week (older song) on the radio... Well hope you get what I mean :)
Have a nice evening/night for now (12:36 am here) and tomorrow both feet will hit that floor because both of them are great ;)



Thank you @nymia.aryn for your kind comment and I now realize that mermaids can't start the day on the wrong foot.

You are welcome, Yes! That is true ;)

What a great way to start a day with, starting a day with the right foot. life here comes a new routine for you to follow and achieve your daily goals" just spoke to my life, lolz. Your post is a deliverer.

Thank you @princluv for commenting.

Cheer up @gmichelbkk, it's just a bad day and not a bad life! Your day will be better soon...

Different people..different nation but same think ans belief. We too wanted to start our day on good note most people do the same wen stepping out...right foot first....👍

Thank you @steemflow for being the first to comment.

Nothing to say but good 👌👌👊👍

Thank you for commenting @mdraihanhkn.

Start your day on the right foot is actually the best topic for this post.
Great post.

But Sir, @gmichelbkk you haven't still read My SWC uptill now, though the post has already expired

@samson12, thank you for commenting. I did see your story but unfortunately it is only 470 words and does not qualify.

Alright! I hear you! I am out with my dogs :) thanks for the pep talk! Merci!

Thank you for the comment @edprivat.

Truly your story is very interesting dear brother, and I really regret what I experienced difficulties on this day.
But I think it is not the cause of the foot or the first step, but that we must never trust life, and we must be strong to face everything that surprises us and awaits us.
Life is full of surprises that may be happy or sad, difficult or easy, but of course it is not happiness forever.
So I think that people all over the world live days apart from each other may be difficult or easy. Unfortunately, we live this life once and do not repeat, so we have to seize the opportunity and live it for the better.
Thank you dear @gmichelbkk for everything you share with us from your life, and I always wish you beautiful and wonderful days

@walid.larbi, thank you for your long comment. I started the day on the right foot today, and all is going well, even with little issues....

Dear Michel the time management is a valuable project management it is not used in the project but in daily life to managed all the activities in time.I agreed the right foot give all the success in the life..............

Thank you very much @tanveerali for your comment.

i am encouraged with this post, i usually listen to podcast on my way to work,this is how i start my day on the right foot👌👌👌

Thank you for your comment @orhem and great that you listen to podcasts.

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