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in life •  last year  (edited)

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As I mentioned in my previous article, I do boxing for hobby and exercise.

I got the sparing with 2 members in a week. One with a beginner , and one with a highly skilled boxer who are named as  ‘the King’ in our gym.

When I started the sparing with the novice, and my coach said, "Please don’t too tough to him! He is a novice, Ok?”

But, In my sight,  He looked so fast and strong.

I couldn't relax until we start the sparing but, just right after the start bell rings, I realized why he asked me to do gentle to him.

It was so~~ easy! 

I realized that he scared of me.  

And, I could just enjoyed that game at ease.

The dark blue shirt is for experienced boxers, and the light blue shirt is for beginners. 


Wham! Wham!

Lay downed hands and take a rest for a while. Easy~ Easy~

Just blocked without a fear and got hit just for his training. It was tickles. 

I relized that the boxing could be this easy and comfortable. Haha~

And after two days, I finally got a fight with the strongest player in our Gym.

We call him the ‘King’.

I was so excited and tensed. 

The red shirt is only for the players who won in a well-known competition for amateurs. 

" This is my honor to have this fight, master!"

I made a polite bow to the King with my respect.

And the same situation happened as the day before yesterday.

Situations was the same but, the guy who got bitten was not the same. That was me!


Wham! Wham!

Even though, he didn't punch that strong but my mouthpiece flied away. (A pale pink object in a red circle)

I could just take a rest for 1 minute until I was picking up that and putted in my mouth again. 

I felt clear that King didn’t do his best, but, it was not even easy to through a punch.

Maybe, I felt something like a pressure on the stronger.

When I came down after sparring, the King gave me an advice.

" You don’t hesitate and wait too much to punch out. Try to attack before your opponents, Ok?"

“Oh, I see, I will! thank you, master!”

I answered with a big glance. But, I thought like, ‘That would not that easy to attack first even for you if you fight with a stronger player, right?’ 

And, then.. suddenly, I realized something!

‘Ah, Competition exists only between similar persons! Not only in Boxing but also in all life!’ 

‘The Stronger can have plenty of relaxation in all of competitions! Oh, yeah! I really want to be a Stronger in everything.. boxing, business and life!’ 

And then, today, I got a fight with a similar skilled boxer.

We were similar in skills but he was much younger than me and tall, and physically stronger.

So, I had to fight to death ...  may be, he had to also. 

Similar skilled ones (who wear the same colored shirts)  fight to die! 

Oh, It was so tough today!

Thank you for reading :)

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