The opening of the barbecue season was successful.

in life •  7 months ago

Yesterday my wife and I decided to open the barbecue season. We are already adults, children have long grown up, the granddaughter of his wife is not enough yet, so the weekend can devote to their pleasure. Than and engaged.
The weather was Sunny, not freezing and it's already perfect. Went to a garden, made there a small order, and I began to be engaged in the most important action. Preparation for eating grilled meat on the coals.
Of course it all started with charcoal lighter in charcoal grill.

While the coals were gaining the desired temperature, the wife completed the most important work. Impaled the meat on the skewers. Of course, I can do that, too, but I'm way behind in accuracy. I got the meat, for some reason, hanging rags.) I must say to the critics that Turkey meat. All -??? quite to kill a diet even on one day I cannot.

Then the creative process began. Of course the Creator was me. For twist the skewers on the grill, not for women.
The main thing is not to bring meat to the point of charcoal and thus achieve full readiness.

It is especially important to preserve the juiciness of meat pieces. The Turkey can not be overexposed, otherwise it will become dry and hard. In this process the experience with the meat, which I do quite a lot. Therefore, the result was very tasty.

Which allowed us to have a little celebration. Wife drank a glass of cognac, I allowed myself a glass without alcoholic beer.
In General, I can state: the barbecue season has been successfully opened. At least for my wife and me.)

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