Photos of the first world war.

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The first world war is replete with artifacts in the form of photographs. Sometimes they can even cause a smile although the war may not be funny.
Personally, I was amused by a Scottish arrow.

While three fires, the fourth looks like them under skirts.
Even in war you want purity. The easiest way is to build a Jacuzzi right in the Creek.

And if there is no stream it is possible to use improvised means. Or rather underhanded.

Another photograph caught my attention with a strange defect. Tolley plane flies in the background, or have Karabelas such a strange way.

And these prisoners of war look quite exotic, but quite happy.

Even in war, you can find time for a mini disco. Hans brought new CDs.

In General, I want to say that the war is primarily the death of a large number of people, but even at this time people want to smile sometimes. Unfortunately, many of these people did not live to see the end of that war, but we can see their faces through the photos as through the mirror of a time machine.

photo taken from here

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