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As humans we were all born with the urge to want to be loved, to feel love and to love.

No matter how hardened a person might seem deep down inside his or her heart he or she yearns for love and yearns to be loved.

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But with the world changing and people loosing the view of what life is all about, hatred seems more abundant than love today and it has caused people to ask;

does love really exist?
are humans still capable of love?
is it real love or is it just lust?

To get things straight i had to ask my subconscious some questions and i received certain replies.

First of all, what do we see love as?

I see love as an immeasurable feeling of care and affection towards an individual. an in-explainable feeling of sincere affection and concern.

How important is love to you?

love is to me a necessary part of my existence, it is just the best reason to live. the feeling of being aware that you are loved by someone and loving the person also is just so genuine and heart-warming.

what will your life look like without love?

gloomy, dark,lonely, boring and uneventful
to me life without love is not a life well lived

According to the ancient Greeks there are 8 types of love

Eros (erotic love)
Philia (affectionate love)
Storge (familiar love)
Ludus (playful love
Mania (obsessive love)
Pragma (enduring love)
Philautia (self love)
Agape (selfless love)

The greatest and most important of these types of love is obviously ''Agape''
it is the purest form of love that exists. with this selfless love you have access to all the other 7 types of love because Agape is the only true and sincere love.

To clear all doubt and be rest assured that ''REAL LOVE EXISTS'' is only possible when one experiences Agape love.


Yes real love exists and the easiest way to find real love is to love others selflessly, yes its difficult but its the simple truth. you can only get what you give.

There is actually a profound joy you feel when you love without expecting anything in return.

So if you still doubt the existence of true love, try loving selflessly and see what you'll find....

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Very doubtful

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

Hehe. Bots now do reply.

In the unconscious mind,love doesn't exist