It's a Funny Old (Thai) Life #1 - "Sweating like a dyslexic on Countdown'

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I've lived in Thailand for almost ten years now but still, there are surprises and double-take moments around every corner...

The story here is that we are Surat Thani airport awaiting a flight back to Bangkok when I went to look out of the departure lounge windows to see what progress they were making on the renovation work that seems to have been going on for years and I think I found the reason why!


He could of course have actually fallen from the roof and be at that moment, dead, but the way he took his boots off and laid the polythene sheet out neatly and managed to create a pillow from the paving blocks rather suggests to me that he was simply being a lazy bastard and sleeping on the job.


Meanwhile, also waiting for the flight was a least I think it was, who, I mean really REALLY didn't want to catch Covid...


Resplendent in full Hazmat gear which was actually a cheap 50Baht polythene bag style raincoat and pants from 7/11, multiple facemasks and plastic eye-shields, I rather think she'd blown it by not wearing gloves, although, how could she have managed to play Candy Crush wearing rubber gloves?


I am so glad I wasn't sitting next to her on the flight. She must have been sweating like a dyslexic on Countdown!

Next up, street photography. Sat outside a 7/11 with a cheap coffee, I spotted a foil balloon horse(?) had been fastened to the electric pole over the bins. As I pondered the deep philosophical reasons for its being, I started seeing other things.

The wires. A standard Bangkok cacophony of telephone and electric cables all wrapped up together in a random scene of inductance ignorance, and then the CCTV cameras we now have on every single street corner, no matter how tiny the soi may be.


The funny thing is, the CCTV system runs on a WIFI network which if you look, is named as PoliceCCTV52-76 or whatever, any idiot with a Kali enabled laptop could switch the whole thing off or stream porn to the control room!

Then I noticed something more sinister in the picture...


Some one had taken to deliberately hang 'my little pony' by the neck using wire! WHY? WHO? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? there's symbolism everywhere, and not all of it is good!

Finally, a top driving tip...

When you're riding about the streets of the city, never get stuck behind one of these BBQ's on wheels. The ash from the barbeque has a nasty habit of blowing in your eyes. It's difficult enough driving here but burning embers of charcoal and ash being shot into your face as you're banging down the motorway makes it so much worse!


Now in case you're wondering whats those orange coloured balls are, I'll tell you. They're simply round sausages that are tied together. Now I can't guarantee there is much meat in them, or even whether what meat there is comes from an animal we'd normally associate with eating, but sausages is what they are!

Sausages on a string, closely related to soap on a rope, but not as tasty I believe!

The car battery you can see powers the old car radiator fan so when they are parked and selling, the smoke given off is sucked away and blown into the faces of passers-by!

Clever Thais!

Ok, that's it. I'm done with your attention and you can all get back to happily refreshing Coingecko! All that remains to be said is;

Have a wonderful weekend, take care and be safe. My best wishes to all.


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