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Hi my dear Friends... In my yesterday's post, I had used Jaggery instead of Sugar to make Ragi cake.
Today Let's know a lil bit about the good qualities of this Jaggery and why it is better to substitute it in place of Sugar...

In my childhood I have seen the elders in our family having a small piece of Jaggery before drinking water every time, after working in the Sun or walking in the hot Sun during Summer...

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So here I am with a list of some of the good qualities of this Jaggery, some according to my Grandpa, as I heard in my childhood, some from my parents and few others from internet...

Jaggery is rich in Iron and other minerals like Zinc and is good for anemia.

When consumed, it gives a slightly warming effect on body, and is good during common flu.

It provides energy slowly and steadily..

Jaggery helps in maintaining right blood pressure.

Helps to boost the counts of Haemoglobin in the blood.

It has got the ability to clean or purify blood...

From Google I came to know that it is good for Arthritis, joint and bone problems.

It helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system.

It helps to get relief from skin problems such as acne and pimples.

A juice made with jaggery, ginger and cardamom gives much relief from acidity.

It is helpful in constipation.

It is good for lungs, stomach, intestine and respiratory track.

On a whole, we can say that Jaggery is much better when compared with Sugar, as it provides nourishment to each and every part of our body, without any bad side effects like sugar..... 😊

So make it a point to replace Jaggery in place of Sugar, wherever and whenever possible, my dear Friends...

With much love from Mangalore, @geetharao...


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That is really some golden important tips @geetharao aunty ji......i remember when i first came to Delhi. My dad used to give me Jaggery every evening whenever i came back from outside. Once i asked him why he do that...he said...eating jaggery wil help to absorb all pollutants material that get inside . and throw them out through morning gargle.....i noticed few days and it actualy work...
Like to add one tips...have luke warm milk with jaggery before bed....good for health and gives a nice taste and sound sleep.....thanks for sharing all the jaggery benefits

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Yes, there are some advantages of jaggery but if one learns about the immense disadvantages & toxicity of sugar, any substitute will be good to switch to. Please do write a post on all the disadvantages of sugar, some day 😊.

A tip for those who want to substitute sugar with jaggery:
Take a measured weight of jaggery and water. Boil it to make a syrup concentrate according to the sweetness you like. Store it in a glass jar / bottle and keep it in refrigerator. This syrup will be easy to and of consistent sweetness to mix wherever you mix sugar with. This syrup won't spoil for a week or two.
RIP sugar!

Hi... Thank you so much for reading my blog... And... Yes, I have to make a list of disadvantages of Sugar soon..! :)

Really Jaggery is beneficial for us. Thanks for discussing about it.

Also it's better alternative for people who have diabieties problem.

Jaggery is always better than sugar.. even I like the taste better

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Gur is best for all people

Yes dear it has lots of health benefit.As it is very rich iron ,my doctor himself advised me to consume it daily.Thanks for sharing,have a good day my friend.

Its great information my friend 😃

Due to these amazing health benefits of jaggery over sugar, nowadays I use jaggery in my tea and coffee as a preferred sweetener.

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