A Bowl of Icecream on a Rainy Day! 🌧️😂

in life •  19 days ago 

This looks weired isn't it?? But... yes!. Sometimes it gives immense pleasure in doing the things in a bit weird or unusual way!...😉


Here in Mangalore last week was hot and humid. But again we started receiving heavy rains since last 3 to 4 days. It was so boring to sit at home, though I was busy cleaning all furniture and rearranging the things, since last few days. So finally a thought came in my mind to go out from home, one round in the heavy rain! My lil car Alto as usual started roaming here and there, on the roads of our small city of Mangalore... 😜

At first I went to the Grocery', then to buy the veggies and finally decided to go to the famous ice-cream parlor of our city - 'Pabbas'. But to my surprise the parking lot was full!. May be because of too many mads like me wanted to have a cup of ice-cream on a Rainy day! So I bought this half litre of butter scotch cup from some other shop and came home. Had to eat alone at home, as my son too is following some diet program! :)



Sometimes it gives immense pleasure in being mischievous or bit weird, making some deviation from our normal behavior isn't it??

Lot's of love from Mangalore, Have a great day! ... @geetharao...

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Yes, sometimes people need to do things contrary to the standards. It cheers up

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Who doesn't love ice cream? You made me hungry! :)

It's nice to eat ice cream in the heat.!

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this looks so delicious ma'am... i love butter-scotch flavor ice-cream !!
it's strange to eat ice-cream on rainy day, but one should always follow their cravings and enjoy :D

A delicious and very deserving sin.