False Flags?

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"What do people want? Less control, more freedom of speech, regardless of opinion, less government, the end of Fiat currency and central banks, the end of rule by force, via private security forces formally known as the police, end to taxation for the non-elite, whilst the elite pay no tax. End to corporate control of the mass (brainwashing) media."

This is a quote from @shepz1 article: March and false flag terrorism - control freaks, much.. Many of these statements are true, especially the less government part, but I want to see each of these individually:

Less Control: Yes I think we can all be in agreement with this one , everyone wants less control from a child to an elderly person in a care center, so yes this one is spot on.

More Freedom of Speech: This one is iffy depends on where you are there are places where this one doesn't even count, some people are actually more worried about what they can eat that day, and they actually have no access to newspapers, internet, or TV perhaps many of them can't even read so I guess I don't agree with this one.

Less Government: Again there are people who don't care who or what the government is so again I don't agree with this one.

An End to Fiat currency and Central Banks: This one I won't even talk about because I don't see how this is going to happen except if the elites want to eliminate fiat and their control of economies via Central Banks, which would just mean they can control whatever comes in its stead.

The end of rule by force: What would be the alternative? We have been ruled by force forever, whichever way you look at it, I agree with this one but would like to know more.

End of taxation for the non-elite: This one I really don't understand that much, everyone is taxed wherever you live, remember the sales tax? But if you mean just income tax, the question would be, where is the limit, what is an amount where you can start taxing someone? Better said what is the defining line between someone with an ordinary income and someone with an elite income?

End to corporate control of the mass (brainwashing) media: Yes.

After looking at all of these points I come to the conclusion that what we face is a war between regular people and the elites which should include corporations, but we have no way of defining who the elites are so we really can't fight them because anyone could be an agent for these elites.

So you see I mostly agree with the points made, just that there is a generalization when it says "what do people want?" I think it should be: What do people who have a more or less general knowledge of what goes on in the world, and are not easily deceived want? So what we should start wanting is many more educated people or else no progress will be made.

Actually the title is not about False flags but about my look on some ideas presented in another article, but they sure could lead to false flags. Also I am not a good writer and probably I am not presenting my ideas in a comprehensible way.

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