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Apart from the crypto market, I always look up news from several newspapers online, and I see what are considered the news that deserve headlines. For example today it is the hearings for the US Supreme court candidate, climate change, some polls, and other news of this type.

But since I mostly look at British newspapers I ultimately end up reading something about Brexit. Now I think Brexit economically is not a good idea, yes the EU will be hit but the UK will be hit harder, because the UK will lose out on a lot of the good deals it does have with the huge EU market. There is no way the UK will not be hit economically by this. Of course it might not be as bad as some people think, still things will not be quite as good as they are now.

Perhaps the gains the UK will make will be in other areas immigration, perhaps trade deals with other countries that will eventually make some sense about leaving the common market. But for the coming years I think the UK economy will be hit, and hit hard.

That being said there is one thing I am certain of, the UK has to leave and it has to be a no deal leave, that is the only way that this perpetual blaming of the other side can be stopped. If Brexit is a success Remainers will have to admit they were mistaken and concede that leaving was a good idea. If it turns out for the worse then leavers will understand they were the ones that were mistaken.

If it does come out bad then the UK will probably have to re apply for EU membership, of course it would lose any special privileges it holds today, but at least Brexit would have been a lesson to those who want out.

If the UK does leave with strings still attached to the EU that would solve nothing, if things get better or remain the same remainers would say what was the point of leaving when from inside results could have been better and if the result is negative leavers will say this happened because ties with the EU still remained too strong.

I believe Brexit does teach everyone a lesson mainly that referendums are not the best way to solve a problem, mostly they just exacerbate the feelings of the public towards what they believe is good regardless of the outcome of the referendum.

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I end up doing the same thing, check out several different sources and end up reading more on what is going on in the UK than the US. Sadly, it's an unknown. It's kind of like what happened when Scotland was deciding to break away from the UK. It ultimately didn't happen because the Scots were more afraid of the potential to a severely weakened economy. I don't see a benefit to them leaving the EU, but I can see why they want to.

I just read this and thought you might be interested in another perspective on Brexit, so I posted this article.
SPOILER: I still don't think it was ever really on the cards.
Hope you find my ramblings on the subject useful in some way.