Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich

in life •  3 months ago

On the surface, corruption and colonialism are often blamed for why some countries are extremely poor. The argument is usually that the poor countries, having experienced colonialism, are plagued with corrupt leadership. Whereas, most of the rich countries were former colonial powers and run a relatively accountable government.

While these factors may have played some roles in the impoverishment and prosperity of nations, there are greater factors that account for the poverty and prosperity of nations. In this insightful video, which you will see shortly, a more pragmatic and scientific explanations are given regarding why some countries are quite poor while others are sufficiently rich.

We see fresh insights such as variant belief systems, institutions, meritocracy, geography, etc. I hope that you'll find the accompanying video quite educative and insightful.


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There is something nefarious about this video. It lays the problem of poverty at the feet of familial and religious ties. There may be a correlation between rich countries and lessening familial and religious ties, but more likely it is a result of the wealth that has accumulated there, not the cause of it. It's like, "we notice that rich people eat caviar, therefore we will eat caviar and become rich". There is no way that the author of this video (Alain de Bouton?) is not aware of this logical flaw. That is why I think that it is nefarious. One could very easily come away from this video with the idea that people are poor because of those aforementioned ties. - The second half of the video is not bad though.