The Five Lessons of Life People Learn Too Late

in life •  5 months ago

Life is full of several great lessons but the problem is that, quite often, we learn them too late. And sometimes, the things we learn too late have zero impact in our life.

In the video you'll see shortly, some highly successful people such as Warren Buffet and Will Smith share some timeless lessons about life. While some of the lessons are familiar, I find them amazing and thrilling. I hope you find them quite amazing and even inspiring.


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Nice informative video my friend.

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My favorite tip is Will's, but it's so hard to leave fear behind, I think if we could stop the fear we feel when doing something unknown it might be easier to be happy in this life.


Some of my biggest moments of transformation into the person I was born to be (which for me at least is the path of happiness and fulfilment) came not after I stopped a great fear, but after I stopped running from that fear. I felt like Harry Potter, who couldn't have defeated Voldemort if he hadn't let Voldemort hit him with his best shot.


I think that is what most of us need, to overcome fear, to ask ourselves the reasons for things and to seek to be the best version of ourselves.


Thank you, @marisenpai, for the feedback - and the upvote! :)


I share your feelings, friend. We have to live above our fears if we must be successful.

I really love all of them but my favorite is from Jack ma "enjoy life" because I feel it is the summary of them all. What ever we do we should always bear in mind that we have got one time to live so why not enjoy it.


Thanks for your comment Swizzyl. Sure, life should be enjoyed to the fullest cause there is just one life.

Thank you for sharing this video, @gandhibaba! I liked all five lessons, but the most eye-opening for me was Simon Sinek's (his chair analogy in particular). The video invites us to suggest additional lessons, and one that I would add is: "Your destiny isn't ruled by what other people say about you." This doesn't mean it's okay to treat people badly. It means that when other people try to make you feel worthless, it's a reflection of some darkness going on inside them, not you. Trust that God or The Universe (depending on your cosmological framework) has put you in this world for a reason, no matter what anyone says (and even if you yourself haven't found that reason yet), and that the closer you are to living in alignment with that reason, the more happy and fulfilled you'll be.