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The general perspective of death is defined by the end of you life, the permanent stop of vital processes in all cells of you body. You stop breathing, your brain and heart is not working anymore so your body will be just like an object.

source: https://www.noupe.com/

Looking further in to some other perspectives on death, from a religious or spiritual point of view, things may get a bit more interesting:

  • Some believe that you will reincarnate in a different body, somewhere on earth (as a human or maybe as an animal). Is considered that you gain a higher understanding of the world every time you reincarnate.
  • Other believe you become a spirit or a ghost that wonders around earth or maybe they have a different dimension where they stay. Time and space is not relevant anymore.
  • There is also the concept of your spirit going in a Heaven or a Hell. You spirit will get there just after your death or after the last judgement
  • The most tragic and sad theory is that there is nothingness. Nothing will happen, there is no soul and when you end your life, that’s it. Everything is dark, your soul does not exist anywhere.

From all beliefs, I agree with the last one, and I know many others do. This is also what science tells us at this point. Probably some do not want to accept or they don’t think we fully understand what is happening with us after death, but for now it does not matter.

But, for those who are like me, and do not expect an afterlife, here is why this would help me in the 70-ish years of an usual life:

“Leave the past, concentrate on the present and embrace the future”

  • Focus on what is truly important for you so you can be productive - If you think about the fact that almost a third of that time I will sleep, another third I will work and the rest should be divided between necesities (eating, hobbies, etc.) and spending time with family and friends, I doesn’t seem enough. This is why focusing is important. There is no more time to loose.
  • Have a happy life - After you decide what is your dream life, you should do exactly that. Of course not always is working as planed, but sometimes, the journey is better that the destination. We tend to think in the future and do stuff for the future, but we should try to live in the present
  • Leave something behind - Try to decide what will you be known for. I like to say that in life you should write the script of a movie and one individual should make the best story ever.

In the end, it’s time for a conclusion, if it can be done… Writing this article, I am left with the thought that humans complicate everything. For me, personally, there is no evidence of anything else after death, so the impact I can make on my own happiness is living exactly how I would like to and leave a good story behind. Nothing too complicated. What is you view on the subject? What are you doing right now?


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