Why Play Catchup?

in life •  5 months ago

Have you heard people come back after a while to Steem (or elsewhere) only to say "I need to catch up".

Why do you need to catch up, I would ask them?

They would, of course, point out to the fact that they have been away and inactive for a while (usually months), and things have changed in-between.

If you'd ask them why have they been inactive, occasionally there's a good reason for it, but mainly... they lost interest, or left because something happened that they didn't like or agree with at the time.

Well, when you're part of something new and disrupting, it's probable you won't like everything. You have the option to leave or to stay. And if you stay, to try to fix things or get involved with those you like. You even have the option to change your mind, if in time you reconsider your position.

If you leave, and come back later on, it's like missing part of your child's childhood, and most often those who do that, regret it years after. It's never easy to raise a child, but thinking back at the joy moments they give you, it's worth it.

Children love to play catchup, and it's such a simple and fun game of our childhood.


But when it's not a game, catchup is so... wrong. Why catch up with developments when, if you are consistent, you know and take advantage of them continuously, as they happen. Or even better, make them happen.

The time you need to catch up with, when you could've been active, will not get back. You will get up to date with the latest information, but the time is long gone. Those who have stayed have taken advantage of it.

This is how a fellow minnow friend you had before you went inactive may have become a dolphin by the time you decide to show up again. He might be involved in different communities and use so many tools you have no idea of. So, to catch up with him, you'd need his help, to work extra hard, put in extra money probably, and there's no guarantee. You might as well give up... again. It's not fair! Really?

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catchup is good because describe something that helps you reach the same standard usually after you have missed something such as lesson or opportunities to practice.it is the activity of trying to do as well as a competitor or of trying to reach a level of achievement.


The key point is missed. If you have a good reason for that, it's understandable, but most people don't, they just get bored, get uninterested, get tired, get lazy, find something prettier, etc. You get the picture.

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